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A revolution in the way you view parenthood and children's sleep.

Sleep training is NOT the only way.

Find out how to deal with anxiety around children's sleep and promote quality rest for the whole family in a light, welcoming, and gentle way without having to leave your baby crying alone.

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Routine or awake windows are not the only factors that affect children's sleep; there are many other vital factors, and in my method, you will learn about all of them: neurological, physiological, emotional, and behavioral aspects.


By applying my method, caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies) can create an appropriate rhythm for the day that brings more security to the child. In addition, they can understand their needs that go beyond the obvious, achieving good naps, fewer awakening nights, coming out of sleep deprivation (everyone in the family!), and, best of all, a happy, healthy, and developing child.

  • No need for any sleep training, traumatic interventions, or letting anyone cry (parents and children.

  • Experience a fully personalized service, tailored to your unique needs, in a judgment-free space.

  • Method is compatible with the latest sleep science and neuroscience.

  • Parents are welcomed, seen, and valued. Mother lightly and without having to give up on yourself in the process.

  • It's never too late to sleep well! Children aged 0 to 18 are the focus of care.

Mão do bebê
30 days mentoring
Virtual Only

$ 595
*Flexible 2x payment option

Onboarding Questionnaire

In-depth family Questionnaire Evaluation

Video Calls

Daily follow-ups via Whatsapp or text

Resource Guides

Sleep Environment Analysis

Sensory and Personality analysis (1yo+)

BONUS: Exclusive E-books


Let me guess...


Are you doing your best every day but can't understand why your child doesn't get quality sleep?

Do you compare your child to others who sleep well without effort and feel like there is something wrong with you or your child?

Have you already purchased several sleep courses but can't apply anything taught? Is it too hard to implement, or doesn't it align with your gut feeling?


Have you ever heard that everything is "normal and will soon pass" and felt frustrated because you didn't just want to "survive" parenthood but enjoy it?


Do you lack a support network or live outside your home country and don't know where to start alone?


Are you in extreme sleep deprivation and can't see how to get out of it?


If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I have great news:

You are in the RIGHT place, where relief and hope await you!

The truth is that you need a specialized look at what happens inside your home. You need more than just advice; you need someone to hold your hand and go ALONG with you on this journey!



Família feliz

How can I help you?

Let's clarify that I am not a regular sleep consultant or sleep "expert". I am an integrative child sleep and family well-being educator.

I will be your safe place when you need to talk to someone about how exhausting and difficult motherhood is sometimes.

I will be your guide so you see your child for who they are and what they really need.


I'm here to make you feel empowered by your own parental instinct.


I'm here to help you understand that you don't need to look for a million answers/sources about sleep because you'll find that YOU are always the best answer.


I want to help you sync with your baby so you can understand what's working and what's not. I will show that this can be a natural ability while prioritizing connection and secure attachment.

What's my promise?

I promise never to use sleep training techniques or techniques that promote separation during our consultation time. Instead, I will teach you how to empower your child to get more sleep without "training". The basis of sleep will always come from closeness, love, and connection. I respect and protect your relationship with your child above all else.

I promise never to suggest that you leave your child crying alone. Instead, I will support you as you make space for the emotions of the child within you, growing together.

I promise never to give you a generic or pre-created sleep plan. Instead, we will learn your family's unique needs, observe any changes that occur, and guide any necessary adjustments.

I promise never to offer a "cake recipe." Instead, I will support you so that you are confident in who you are as a mother/father to your unique and precious child. We will work together to create a personalized plan that your heart trusts.


I promise never to approach sleep solely behaviorally. Instead, I will work to discover the root of the problem. I will do an integrative, comprehensive, and holistic analysis as we examine the big puzzle of aspects of sleep (emotional, neurological, physical/physiological).

I promise never to judge you for your decisions. Instead, I teach that when we know more, we do better.

I promise never to silence your concerns and opinions, as you are the most important person in your child's life. Instead, I will help you remember that you are always the best bet for your child.


I promise you will never feel alone as you navigate these changes. Instead, I will be part of your support network, your "village."


I promise never to put your needs in second place. Instead, I will work to make self-care a priority in your life.

And most importantly, I promise never to force anything that makes you or your child uncomfortable. Instead, I will guide you in recognizing that sleep is a vulnerable state and that we can help your child when we meet all their needs, including closeness and connection.


We go BEYOND sleep:

  • Parent coaching, looking at your inner child.

  • Crying and trauma education.

  • Sensory Processing education

  • Temperaments Understanding

  • Personalized strategies for connecting as a family.

  • Natural weaning education.

  • Ebook - Mom Self Care

  • Ebook - Sleep talk guide

  • Ebook - Sickness & Sleep Guide

  • Ebook - Stress & Sleep

  • Ebook - Attachment theory


Fernanda Ades
Parent Coach and Integrative Sleep Educator

Mother of 3-year-old boy, married to Renato.

I have lived in New York for nine years and have served mothers and families worldwide. Living outside Brazil (my home country), my experience has allowed me to serve many mothers who also live outside they origin country and do not have a conventional support network.


The first few months of motherhood were physically and mentally challenging for me. I found myself taking care of a new defenseless being, but without being able to take care of myself and listen to my instincts. I felt anxious, exhausted, drained, and alone.


Mothering without a support network in a culture that encourages ignoring the baby's basic needs for connection (e.g., sleep training, crying it out, etc) was the most challenging thing I've ever done. Since then, I've been on a mission to support and help other families so they don't have to go through what I went through before getting the most updated information on sleep science, neuroscience, and attachment theory. Understanding healthy children's sleep in depth is the key to healthy families and relationships.

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