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Background and
Work Philosophy

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Parent Coach and

Integrative Sleep Educator

I am 35 years old, Aquarius, married to Renato, and mother of Leon and Hachi (four legs). I live in New York and use my knowledge and continued education to help families worldwide online.

I graduated in International Relations at PUC-SP, a postgraduate degree in Strategic Management at FAAP, and fashion courses, including at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. I worked for many years in Foreign Trade and Image Consulting for women. Comex was not my calling, but I always found a lot of fulfillment in making a difference in people's lives through consultancy and sharing knowledge.

Motherhood taught me many things, and with it came the mission to continue helping and inspiring parents to be the best versions of themselves, which is why I trained as an Integrative Childhood and Parenting Educator and in Integrative Child Sleep with the renowned international school Family Wellness Institute, of which I am affiliated.


Refuge, Respect, Connection

My work philosophy focuses on maternal care and disseminating quality information about healthy and natural pediatric sleep, with dedication, honor, and responsibility above all.

Every day, I dedicate myself to being a genuinely qualified professional to embrace new families and hold their hands with affection to take them to a better place, even in the most delicate cases - the support I wish I had at the beginning of my life as a mom.

My naturally empathetic personality can bring real connection and closeness to the families I work with. I'm not just a professional but part of your family and support network.

I always knew what was essential for me when I wanted to work with children's sleep: providing other safe and effective alternatives to sleep training. The philosophy of Integrative Health certainly strengthened my beliefs, certainties, and mission even further. With quality knowledge that values ​​the individuality of each child and is based on different areas of science, it is a true meeting of souls.

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As an Integrative Educator, I am a sleep facilitator. I observe the whole, the need behind a behavior, always respecting the individuality of each child and family and carrying out multidisciplinary monitoring with other specialties if necessary. We don't just look at sleep but at the entire family context, always valuing ethics and respect.

I promote quality sleep without any form of sleep training. Our focus is on educating families about sleep and not just teaching children how to sleep. We don't offer quick fixes or magic formulas, but believe in a transformative journey that can end sleep deprivation and change the world's view of childhood. This approach offers long-term benefits and a brighter future for your child.

My experience and training as a Parent Coach adapted to children's sleep make my consultation much more than just about sleep. Many sleep issues are related to the way parents relate and connect with their children. By promoting principles of full emotional development, we empower you to play a crucial role in your child's sleep journey, leading to a better future with strong and secure adults.

With concepts from Neuroscience, Conscious Parenting, and Attachment Theory, I invite parents to look at their inner child to understand their behavior with their children and relationships with their parents, taking advantage of this knowledge to cultivate solid and lasting secure attachment relationships within the home. I accept each family as they are, helping to create strong bonds in the family system while achieving quality sleep, more pleasant nights, and well-being for everyone.


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