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Sleep Science and what to expect Postpartum, explained in an easy and relaxed way, for new parents.

Quality information updated with the latest scientific research in ​​child health and neuroscience is extremely rare.

During these sessions, parents and groups learn how to align the expectations of motherhood with the reality of the postpartum period, promoting good children's sleep habits from pregnancy onwards in classes/lectures with lots of practice and experience.

What to expect in the pre-natal education?

Perfect for mothers who like to prepare for the arrival of their baby or as a gift for a new mother, a class lasting up to 2 hours will cover topics such as fetal sleep, how a mother's sleep affects her sleeping habits, baby's sleep since pregnancy, how to prepare emotionally for the arrival of the postpartum period and how to build a sleep-friendly registry for the new baby.

I'll also introduce you to the fundamentals of respectful infant sleep, based on science and connection, and why leaving your baby crying unattended is not a worthwhile approach.

By better understanding the science and all the factors that affect sleep, caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies) will be able to create an appropriate rhythm for the day that brings more security to the child after birth, learn to understand their needs and raise a happy, healthy and well-developing child.

What to expect in the Fourth Trimester education?

Perfect for mothers who are entering this extraordinary period but full of hormones, emotions, fears, and surprises, especially for those who did not prepare themselves and set expectations about the reality of the newborn.


Understand the theory of the "Fourth Trimester" or Exterogestation and the innate needs of the baby at this stage so that you can meet all the emotional and physical needs of the newest inhabitant of planet Earth and strengthen your secure attachment bond.

Opportunity to ask questions and professional support for your insecurities as you rediscover yourself in this new role as a mother, learning to trust your instincts and tune out the external noise.

While a perfect routine may seem elusive during this period, you will gradually learn what to expect from sleep until 3 months. Understand how the architecture of infant sleep develops and discover ways to help your baby establish a positive relationship with the moment of falling asleep.

  • Don't waste time and apply techniques from birth to ensure good sleeping habits for children without having to do sleep training, traumatic interventions, or letting them cry alone.

  • Entirely individual service in a judgment-free space.

  • This method is compatible with the latest sleep science and neuroscience.

  • Mothers are welcomed, seen, and valued. Mothering should be done lightly and without giving up on yourself in the process.

  • Perfect for the mother who likes to prepare well for the most important phase of her life and for the mother who doesn't even know where to start and needs guidance.

1 session up to 2h30

$ 250,00

Video Class

Supportive Reading Material
Exclusive Ebooks

*Great Gift Option*

1 session up to 2h


Video Class

Supportive Reading Material

Sleep-Friendly Registry

Exclusive Ebooks

1 session up to 2h

$ 190,00

Video Class

Supportive Reading Material

Exclusive Ebooks


If you...

Recognizes the importance of being well prepared and calm in one of a woman's most important phases.

Are afraid of the much-talked-about sleep deprivation of motherhood and want to start with good habits and realistic expectations from an early age.

Are feeling overwhelmed and anxious with the plethora of conflicting information available on the internet. (Many have chosen not to watch anything before the child is born, only to regret it later. You're not alone in this).

Want to ensure your child's best chances of development, growth and health.


Want to feel safe in your new role as a mother without losing yourself.


Want to give a gift to a pregnant or postpartum woman you love in your life.



...You're in the right place!


All a mother needs is support and information.

I take your hand and go TOGETHER with you until the end!




A different way to look at families:

Difficulties with sleep are just the tip of the iceberg of many "underwater" problems.


For quality sleep, the seven dimensions of health must be balanced, and only an integrative and complete look can help you find the solution.


PHYSICAL HEALTH: Nutrition, physical activity, good sleep, disease prevention.

INTELLECTUAL HEALTH: Reading, thoughts, skills, exploration, culture.

OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH: Interests, routine, activities, individual needs.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH: Harmony with the environment, protection against danger, and bringing "green" to your home.

EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH: Validating feelings, flexibility and adaptability, compassion, healthy relationships, and responsibilities.

SPIRITUAL HEALTH: Purpose of life, belief in a higher power, morals, values ​​, and ethics.

SOCIAL HEALTH: Interaction, meaningful relationships, and roles within the family.

If observed, multidisciplinary care may be needed to achieve this balance in the family, with referral to psychologists, occupational therapists, nutritionists, etc.

How an Integrative Educator is different than a regular sleep consultant?

As an Integrative Educator, I am a sleep facilitator. I observe the whole, the need behind a behavior, always respecting the individuality of each child and family and carrying out multidisciplinary monitoring with other specialties if necessary. We don't just look at sleep but at the entire family context, always valuing ethics and respect.

I promote quality sleep without any form of sleep training. Our focus is on educating families about sleep and not just teaching children how to sleep. We don't offer quick fixes or magic formulas, but believe in a transformative journey that can end sleep deprivation and change the world's view of childhood. This approach offers long-term benefits and a brighter future for your child.

My experience and training as a Parent Coach adapted to children's sleep make my consultation much more than just about sleep. Many sleep issues are related to the way parents relate and connect with their children. By promoting principles of full emotional development, we empower you to play a crucial role in your child's sleep journey, leading to a better future with strong and secure adults.

With concepts from Neuroscience, Conscious Parenting, and Attachment Theory, I invite parents to look at their inner child to understand their behavior with their children and relationships with their parents, taking advantage of this knowledge to cultivate solid and lasting secure attachment relationships within the home. I accept each family as they are, helping to create strong bonds in the family system while achieving quality sleep, more pleasant nights, and well-being for everyone.



Crying and trauma education.

  • Sensory Processing education

  • Temperaments Understanding

  • Personalized strategies for connecting as a family.

  • Ebook - Mom Self Care

  • Ebook - Sickness & Sleep Guide

  • Ebook - Stress & Sleep

  • Ebook - Attachment theory


Fernanda Ades
Parent Coach and
Integrative Sleep Educator

Mother of 3-year-old boy, married to Renato.

I have lived in New York for nine years and have served mothers and families worldwide. Living outside Brazil (my home country), my experience has allowed me to serve many mothers who also live outside they origin country and do not have a conventional support network.


The first few months of motherhood were physically and mentally challenging for me. I found myself taking care of a new defenseless being, but without being able to take care of myself and listen to my instincts. I felt anxious, exhausted, drained, and alone.


Mothering without a support network in a culture that encourages ignoring the baby's basic needs for connection (e.g., sleep training, crying it out, etc) was the most challenging thing I've ever done. Since then, I've been on a mission to support and help other families so they don't have to go through what I went through before getting the most updated information on sleep science, neuroscience, and attachment theory. Understanding healthy children's sleep in depth is the key to healthy families and relationships.

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